Your next career adventure is just round the corner

At Frances Montgomery we believe in taking healthcare professionals and managing their career to the next step.

You will be given your own career advisor who will work with you in a bespoke fashion and get you the best deal for yourself and your family.

We have been responsible for furthering the career of many of the managers on the market today. We understand that you are a constant work in progress and no one just ended up at the top of their field by accident. It is the small steps you take now that will build your future end goal. We firmly believe that you need to make the right choice now when it comes to your current employer to enable you to have the choice later on in your career when you are ready for that all important next step up the ladder.

Please call the team today on 0800 2922 077 on a STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL basis.

“After joining Frances Montgomery’s ‘talent acquisition program’, I managed to secure a place on my desired course at Oxford University. Their experience and support helped me fast track my career and has truly changed my life.“

Castiel Wilkins